Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Kulozik

Lehrstuhl für Lebensmittel- und Bio-Prozesstechnik
Weihenstephaner Berg 1
85354 Freising

Tel.: +49 (0) 8161-71 4205
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Academic Education
1977-1982 Food Technology at the University of Munich (Diploma 1982)
1982-1986 Ph.D thesis: "Permeation of water and solutes as affected by deposit formation in reverse osmosis" (With honours/Summa cum laude 1986)
1986-1991 Habilitation in the field of Food and Bioprocess Engineering, Thesis on `Continuous Bioprocess Engineering´ (1991)
Academic Career
1983-1984 Assistant Lecturer, Technical University Munich
1984-1991 Senior Scientist, Technical University Munich
1992-1999 Department Manager Process & Product Development, Strategic Technology Research in the Food Industry at Kraft Foods (R & D)
1992-1999 Lecturer for Biotechnology at the Technical University Munich
since 2000 Holder of the Chair for Food Process Engineering and Dairy Technology, Technical University Munich

Research activities

  • Bioprocess engineering aspects of continuous fermentations,
  • Starter culture preservation,
  • Enzyme technology for protein hydrolysis and crosslinking of proteins,
  • Protein-protein and protein-polysaccharide interactions,
  • Reaction kinetics of thermal and high pressure driven reactions,
  • Aseptic and sterile processing (inactivation of micro-organisms in food products and on solid surfaces by means of novel methods),
  • Membrane technologies and fractionation by chromatography,
  • Food microstructure engineering including microstructure analyses by means of physical and chemical analysis.

Memberships and Functions

  • Past Chairman of the Standing Committee on Dairy Science of the International Dairy Federation (IDF)
  • Member of the Technical Committee of the Food Process Engineering
  • Association of ProcessNet (Association of German Engineers)
  • Vice-Dean of the faculty ´Center of Life and Food Sciences´ of the TUM
  • Member of the Scientific Committee of the Research Association of the German Food Industry (FEI)
  • Member of Scientific Committee and member of the editorial board of various scientific conferences or journals


Approximately 307 publications in scientific journals, 17 book chapters, 493 publications in total including patents, congress proceedings and industry communications

Publications list


  • Award of the „Bund der Freunde der TUM“ for an outstanding dissertation (1986)
  • Award of German Dairy Industry Association (MIV) for Innovation in Food Science and Technology, Berlin, Germany (2015)
  • ADSA (American Dairy Science Association) Distinguished Service Award (2019)