The food process engineering is concerned with the technical material transformation and processing of raw materials of  animal and vegetable origin, specifically designed and perishable food. It links to the scientific and engineering disciplines that which were are separately taught in the course of the study separately. LMVT is in essence pursued as an interdisciplinary methodological approach which meets the expectations of Food Technologists in science and industrial practice in an ideal manner and while respecting the different professional perspectives can be seen. The LMVT is a hinge on the implementation of new findings into practice.

Lectures (Winter Semester, WS or Summer Semester, SS)

The following lectures and internships provide practicepractical-relevant content in the various professional fields in a methodologically sound way.

Detailed information about the dates of the individual lectures are is in contained in their password-protected download directory for each lecture. The access information and login details will be made available in the respective lectures.

Food Process Engineering I (SS) and II (WS), each 3 hours per week: Separation Processes; Disperse Systems, Thermal treatment, reaction kinetics, methods of preservation and product design, cooling and freezing processes, concentration, emulsification, drying, air conditioning and storage; extrusion techniques.

Bioprocess engineering of foods (WS) 2 SWS: Enzymatic processes, fermentation technology, process control, starter cultures

Introduction to Biochemical Bioprocess Engineering (SS) 2 SWS: Upstream, special fermentation technology discountablediscontinuous and continuous processes, scale-up, downstream processing

High pressure treatment von of biological schen systems (together with Prof. R. Vogel) (WS) 2 SWS: preservation and structural modifications,
process, microbiological, enzymatic and microstructural effects.

Innovative technologies for food (SS), 2 hours, (with Prof. Engel): Novel processes for the production of food, regulatory / legal evaluation under EU Novel Food regulations.

Process-oriented food technology (WS) 2 SWS: Fundamentals of food processing in the context of nutritional education; processes for the design of  food properties.

Micro-and macro-structure of foods (WS) 2 SWS: Colligative properties, interfacial phenomena, gels, foams, emulsions, colloidal systems analysis.

Technology of Milk and Milk Products (WS) 3 THW: For  content see under Practical courses

Food Science Seminar (WS + SS): Students work individually on current issues  under the scientific supervision of the Chair

Practical courses
Practicals in Food and Bioprocess Engineering (SS) 5 THW: Enzyme Technology, starter cultures, fermentation technology, membrane separation technology, emulsion technology, extrusion technology, residence time in flow-through systems.

Food Technology  Practicals (WS), Rotational events, 6 credit hours: demonstration of typical processes in the food process engineering with evaluation of the processes: centrifugation, homogenization, heating, evaporation, drying.

Technology of milk and milk products (SS) 3 SWS: Principles and practice of manufacture and processing of dairy products: Fermented milk products, foam desserts, butter, hard and soft cheeses, ice cream, heating processes.

Mikro-and macro-structures in foods (SS) 3 SWS: Freezing point, Osmotic pressure:  interfaces, calorimetry, water binding (NMR), rheometry, chromatography (GPC, HPLC).

Pharmaceutical Technology (SS) 4 SWS: Emulsion Preparation, eye drops, fermentation, release.

Excursions are major contributors to gain practical impressions and to develop your own profession. The Alumni Association (contact: M.Sc. Maria Weinberger, Dipl.-Ing. Eva Schlosser, M.Sc. Philipp Stier) supports student members with a financial grant.

  • With week-long excursion in the lecture of LM food process engineering to companies from different sectors of food, equipment and supply industry.
  • The “Day of excursion will always place the week after Pentecost. The announcement and registration is available via TUM online.
  • Day trips within the  lecture bioprocess to businesses in the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology.
  • Two-day excursions within the lecture Technology of Milk and Milk Products