The research in food process engineering and bioprocess technology is aimed at the processes of material transformation in complex substrates from animal and vegetable origin, or in microbial fermentations. It covers the aspects of technical factors involved in the process control and design of substrates. By fractionation and synthesizing the substrates, a further development of scientific understanding of the behavior of complex systems will be sought in the process.

In conjunction with the methods of process engineering, a suitable analytical characterization of the interaction of material changes with physical, chemical and microbiological methods is developed in order to understand the reaction kinetics for modeling of complex systems and technological processes and for the introduction of new or improved processes.

The food process engineering and bioprocess engineering thus links the main natural sciences and the engineering approaches and progress of the interfaces from raw material to production to the same extent as for nutrition and physiology to the economy.

Objectives in connection with the basics of food safety and quality, technologically and nutritionally efficient and innovative use of materials and processes at the food process engineering is a key area in the 'Centre of Life Sciences' at TU Munich in Freising-Weihenstephan, and put them in immediate connection with the transfer of technology and implementation of basic knowledge in the food and pharmaceutical industries.